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         Nutritional Healing, LLC is an organization comprised of Metabolic and Nutritional experts committed to improving outcomes for the wound care patient through the use of Nutrition Interventions and Support.  This is achieved by identifying  wound care patients that are Nutritionally and/or Metabolically compromised in a way that the body is incapable of healing wounds in a timely manner and unable to achieve or maintain an optimal nutritional status. There are 2 different types of patients that fall into this category. First is the patient who is already in some form of a malnourished state with wounds developing secondary to the depleted state. Second is the patient who develops wounds, and due to underlying metabolic deficiencies, becomes malnourished in some way; hence the delay or inability for the wound(s) to heal.

          Nutritional Healing, LLC provides an interventional process that utilizes nutritional assessments and consultations by Registered Dietitians, blood work analyses and nutrition support recommendations by Metabolic Support Pharmacists, and educational materials to assist these wound care patients and their caregivers. These interventions provide the patients, caregivers, and wound care team with a better understanding of the role that a healthy body plays in the healing of wounds and the individualized therapies that will be most effective in achieving desired outcomes. This interventional process provides an individualized nutritional support system that produces a well educated patient and medical team, thus leading to greater compliance with prescribed therapies and more successful outcomes.

           Early intervention by our Registered Dietitians and Metabolic Support Pharmacists with wound care patients and/or their caregivers develops a long standing relationship that helps the patients navigate through the healing process. The aim is to enhance the care plan that has been developed by the providers and support their protocols with effective therapies in order to produce better outcomes.

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