Inadequate Nutrition and Wound Healing


by Mary Ellen Posthauer RDN, CD, LD, FAND Energy Requirements for Wound Healing          While indirect calorimetry is the most accurate method for determining energy needs and what constitutes adequate nutritional intake for an individual with wounds, it is not widely available in most health care organizations. Registered dietitians often use predictive equations such as the Mifflin-St.

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Assessing Malnutrition in Wound Healing

Wound Assessment

Overview Nutritional deficiency is the term used when the reserves of nutrients stored in the body are insufficient to support healthy cellular function. A wound acts as a parasite on the body, requiring nutrients to be redirected from their normal functions to use in the various stages of the healing process. However, when the individual is malnourished, any trauma may

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Healing Chronic Wounds With Protein

Chronic Wounds

Wound Healing Consists of Four Interconnected Steps by Mark H. DeLegge, MD      The wound healing process consists of 4 interconnected steps; hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and tissue remodeling. Wounds that fail to properly progress through these steps result in delayed wound healing or the formation of chronic wounds. These chronic wounds are often stuck in a “state of inflammation.”

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