Nationwide Tele Health Nutrition Services

Nutritional Healing consists of clinical registered dietitians, nutritional pharmacists, and a diverse group of healthcare experts that provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to patients with chronic conditions.  There is a need for improved clinical MNT in the outpatient health care setting and we have committed to improving not only healing times but quality of life of those patients.  We offer a unique service that will provide nutritional screenings, education, assessments, recommendations, monitoring, and documentation to the outpatient healthcare patients.

Medicine and wound care

Taking ‘Our Own Medicine’ Through the Nutritional Screening Quality Measure & Quality Payment Program

by Caroline E. Fife, MD, FAAFP, CWS, FUHM Eligible providers must be ready to report relevant measures in a quality-based healthcare system. They might want

Diagnosing malnutrition wound care

Appropriately Diagnosing Malnutrition to Improve Wound Healing

by Nancy Collins, PhD, RDN, LD, FAPWCA, FAND, & Liz Friedrich, MPH, RDN, CSG, LDN, FAND Nutrition professionals now use an etiology-based definition of malnutrition


Food as Medicine: Examining the Role of Nutritional Assessment in Chronic Wounds

There’s apparent confusion in the wound care industry regarding the impact of proper patient nutrition on wound healing. This article will help providers fill the


Inadequate Nutrition and Wound Healing

by Mary Ellen Posthauer RDN, CD, LD, FAND Energy Requirements for Wound Healing          While indirect calorimetry is the most accurate method