Muscular Dystrophy

People with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) have unique dietary demands. People
with DMD need more protein and calcium than others in their respective age group.
The nutrition goals of those suffering from the effects of MD are similar to those without
MD, however it is much more difficult to meet the goals. Consistency and focus are very
important to achieving nutrition goals.

Goals include:

o Preserve lean muscle mass
o Prevent excessive fat build-up
o Maintain bone density
o Prevent insulin resistance
o Maintain healthy cholesterol and lipid leves
o Prevent constipation

It is highly encouraged that people with DMD include a qualified dietitian on their care
team. Nutri-Heal provides that service. Nutritional Healing consists of registered
dietitians, nutritional pharmacist, and a diverse group of healthcare experts that provide
nutritional intervention to patients with DMD. There is a need for improved nutritional
intervention in the outpatient health care setting and we have committed to improving
not only healing times but quality of life of those patients. We offer a unique service that
will provide nutritional screening, education, assessment, recommendation, monitoring,
and documentation to the outpatient DMD healthcare patients.